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Teymur Gubiyev | Tax Associate | VLM and Partners

Teymur Gubiyev

Tax Associate

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Teymur joined VLM’s tax team in 2023. Prior to his current role in our team, his career journey had encompassed pivotal roles within the bank sector, where he had worked as an anti-money laundering and compliance specialist. His duties were to investigate, measure, and report the banks' compliance risks related to suspicious or fraudulent financial activity, and develop and implement strategies to follow anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing laws. Furthermore, he was responsible for collaborating with auditors and regulators to minimize money laundering risks.

Relying on his knowledge and experience, Teymur plays a significant role in supporting our clients by overseeing a spectrum of financial operations. This includes processes, facilitating bank transactions, tax calculations, analyzing and eliminating compliance risks of clients and our firm, advising on compliance matters, correspondence with banks, issuance of electronic invoices, and conducting settlements with creditors and debtors.

Core Practice Areas
  • Tax Reporting;

  • Accounting;

  • Affairs with corporate clients

  • English;

  • Russian;

  • Turkish;

  • Azerbaijani


  • Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) - Bachelor of Finance and Credit

Key Accomplishments
  • Supported various companies in setting up accounting and conducting AML/ATF compliant bank operations;

  • Assisted a diverse range of foreign clients in their affairs and correspondence with local banks;

  • Advised clients on complex tax and compliance matters.

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