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Banking and Finance Law


With its broad expertise in the finance sector, VLM offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored for financial institutions. We consistently provide legal services to international financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, investment firms, and fintech companies.


Our banking and finance law practice includes:

  • Acting as external legal counsel for financial institutions;

  • Providing expert assistance in obtaining and maintaining required licenses;

  • Offering specialized support for international loans and high-value cross-border transactions;

  • Providing strategic legal solutions for mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships in compliance with regulations;

  • Drafting tailored loan, mortgage, deposit, and further agreements;

  • Navigating prudential and regulatory requirements with precision and confidence;

  • Providing legal advice on payment regulations, AML/ATF matters, and data protection requirements;

  • Advising on all facets of legal matters, including corporate law and securities regulations.

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