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Manufacturing and Heavy Industry

Machine Arm Assembling Car

VLM holds extensive experience in addressing legal challenges that heavy industry players face. We have worked for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the South Caucasus. Our client base includes heavy equipment producers, automotive companies, and so on. 


Our experience includes full legal support in doing business in Azerbaijan, legal consulting on investment contracts, drafting and reviewing contracts/agreements with customers/suppliers and obtaining tax exemption certificates, licenses, approvals, certifications.


We believe the following are the services you may rely on us:

1. Full legal outsourcing;

2. Commercial law services, legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

3. Contracts and Business Law;

4. Dispute resolution and Litigation;

5. IP matters;

6. Licensing;

7. Mergers and Acquisitions;

8. Regulatory compliance and environment;

9. Tax, Labor, and Migration;

10. Consumer Protection matters etc.

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