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We are one of the leading law firms in Azerbaijan with a fast-growing professional team. Expanding our practice day by day, we are eager to bring talented individuals on board. With its progressive vision for the future, VLM encourages skilled young professionals and career starters to join us. 

Why Work at VLM and Partners?

VLM fosters inclusive, respectful, employee-engaging, and thriving work environment. Beyond today's legal landscape, we prepare our team for tomorrow's challenges through continuous training, ensuring they are well-equipped for the evolving market and technological transitions.

Our employees gain a chance to work with international clients, improving their international competencies and experiencing diverse features of the global market.


We take pride in coaching young practitioners, guiding them towards becoming leading legal and tax professionals with the skills to navigate global markets. Whether you're a novice or an experienced professional, we are dedicated to helping you build a successful career path, providing support and opportunities for growth.


Joining VLM means embracing a workplace where gender equality is more than a commitment—it's a cornerstone. We actively create a level playing field, fostering an environment that encourages the active engagement and growth of women professionals. Amidst the demands of challenging tasks, our staff finds balance through engaging social events, reinforcing a vibrant corporate culture that values integrity, efficiency, and collaborative teamwork.

Key Benefits

  • Valuable experience at various practice areas and different business sectors;

  • Working at open-minded and vibrant environment;

  • Consistent support of senior professionals;

  • Competitive pay;

  • Gaining professional and social skills.

Join us for building better future!

Personal Growth

At VLM, we believe lifelong learning. From this point of view, we set personal development goals for our team members, encourage and direct them to participate in training programs and courses. Due to VLM's employee-oriented strategy, most of our colleagues has succeeded at their educational life and academic careers along with their successful journey at our firm.

Personal Growth in Azerbaijani law firm - VLM and Partners

Individuals holding both advanced professional skills and high personal qualities are ideal candidates to be our teammates. Although position-specific requirements are determined by unique features of such position, strong academic background, high-level communication skills, and creative and result-oriented mindset are key characteristics of candidates who we look for.

Qualifications We Seek

Job Requirements in Azerbaijani law firm - VLM and Partners
VLM and Partners - Join us for building better future!
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