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Health and Pharmaceuticals


VLM has solid experience in legal matters medical and pharmaceutical companies face in Azerbaijan. There are internationally renowned medical corporations and pharmacy brands among our clients.


Since the health industry requires specialized knowledge and expertise, we are committed to addressing your issues in accordance with specific regulations within the industry. We know how to navigate your complex legal challenges, enabling you to provide medical services without fear of legal risks. As regards the pharmaceuticals, we are the first-to-go experts for your legal issues, from patents to regulatory compliance.


We believe the following are some of the services you may rely on us:

1. Full legal outsourcing;

2. Compliance with medical and pharmaceutical regulations;

3. Contracts and Business law;

4. Corporate law;

5. Commercial law services, legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

6. Dispute resolution and Litigation;

7. Tax, Labor, and Migration issues;

8. Mergers and Acquisitions;

9. IP matters (patents, trademarks, etc.);

10. Consumer protection matters etc.

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