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Real Estate and Construction


VLM’s expertise concerning real estate and construction projects includes legal drafting, legal advisory, and support in obtaining licenses and approvals.


We have proudly advised on some of the largest construction projects in Azerbaijan. Our experts have supported international construction companies in their ventures in the country. Our full legal support has helped them to accomplish high-budget projects. Furthermore, we regularly advise foreign investors on real estate matters and conduct legal and tax due diligence on real estate projects.


We advise on the entire range of legal issues related to real estate deals, including:

1. Construction Law;

2. Land Law;

3. Regulatory Compliance;

4. Environmental Law;

5. Legal and tax due diligence on  real estate assets;

6. Litigation and Dispute resolution;

7. Obtaining licenses and permissions;

8. Construction contracts;

9. Real estate transactions (sale and purchase, lease and sub-lease);

10. Tax and Labor matters;

11. Migration matters (including obtaining work and residence permits);

12. Terminations of real estate agreements (one-side refusal, leased property repurchases, etc.)

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