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IT, Telecommunication and Transport


VLM’s professionals have extensive experience in advising/working for IT, telecommunications, and transport. Therefore, we are familiar with these companies’ legal and regulatory environments. 


Starting from its establishment, our team has provided various types of services to well-known tech brands, ensuring that their unique products well comply with the regulations. We regularly assist them in adhering to data protection laws, obtaining necessary licenses and permissions, and establishing their legal and technical infrastructure in compliance with laws.


With our know-how, we are capable of helping telecommunication service providers to set up and maintain their business seamlessly. On top of that, alongside air transport and marine transportation companies, we actively support road transportation corporations in navigating their legal issues. 


We believe that comprehensive and timely legal advice is essential to our clients from the aforementioned industries on the following matters:

1. Full legal outsourcing;

2. Advertising regulations;

3. Data Protection and Privacy Law;

4. Telecommunication Law;

5. Transportation Law;

6. Contracts and Business Law;

7. Legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

8. Mergers and Acquisitions;

9. Tax, Labor, and Migration matters;

10. Dispute resolution and Litigation;

11. Consumer protection etc.

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