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Banking and Finance

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We are proud to be advisors of local and international banks, international finance organizations, investment companies, non-bank credit institutions, and insurance companies in various areas of banking, securities, investment, and finance law.


Our experts successfully advised banks on complex corporate and prudential compliance matters and acted as their external legal advisors regarding international transactions. We have provided full legal support to an investment company regarding the change of its qualifying shareholders. Moreover, our legal experts have successfully supported an insurance broker in its investment project in Kazakhstan.


We are ready to provide financial institutions with full legal services, including:

1. Banking and Finance Law matters;

2. Securities and capital markets;

3. Legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

4. Regulatory Compliance, including AML/TF regulations;

5. Data Protection and Privacy Law matters;

6. Payments and currency regulations;

7. Contracts and Business Law;

8. Corporate Law;

9. Dispute Resolution and Litigation;

10. Labor and Migration issues;

11. Licensing;

12. Mergers and Acquisitions;

13. Project Finance, etc.

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