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Labor and Migration Law

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We provide our clients with a full HR and employment law advisory outsourcing opportunity. Our services include but are not limited to: 


(i) set-up of HR processes; 

(ii) drafting and registration of employment agreements; 

(iii) preparation and registration of amendments to employment agreements and terminations of such agreements; 

(iv) advising on employment law issues; 

(v) assistance during labor inspections;

(vi) support in duly documentation of leaves, business trips, redundancy and other labor processes; 

(vii) employment-related disputes;

(viii) obtaining work and residence permits for ex-pats to be engaged in labor activity in Azerbaijan;

(ix) full legal support during migration inspections and further migration procedures.


VLM's specialists conduct employment law and HR due diligence for its clients to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements and employment structuring issues (international secondments, dual employment, etc.). Our lawyers have supported several local and multinational companies in staff redundancies and downsizings.

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