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In today's high-speed finance system, fintech players combine innovation and efficiency. However, specific features of their innovative products and financial operations require consistent legal examination and support. Considering current strict regulations, prudential and legal requirements, consumer protection matters, and compliance risks, fintech companies need to establish an effective legal background and efficient technical infrastructure.


We can proudly say that certain international fintech brands trusted us to ensure their legal compliance. With our experienced professionals, we are capable of acting as a one-stop-shop law firm for payment institutions and electronic money institutions. We support them in obtaining licenses, examining and advising on their new products, crafting tailored agreements and document templates, and navigating all types of legal issues.


We believe that our support in the fields below would particularly be beneficial:


1. Payment services regulations;

2. Data Protection and Privacy;

3. Consumer Protection;

4. AML / ATF regulations;

5. Intellectual Property (including software licensing, copyright protection, trademarks, patents, etc.)

6. Contracts (including user agreements, partnership agreements, etc.) and Internal Documents (e.g. risk management, data protection, fraud prevention, AML / ATF, and further regulations);

7. Corporate Law;

8. Legal and Tax due diligence;

9. Tax, Migration, and Labor Law etc.

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