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From tomato to hazelnuts, cotton, grain, bioenergy and others, agribusiness is an integral part of Azerbaijani economy. The agribusiness industry may benefit from competitive advantages in tax and customs privileges and subsidies in Azerbaijan. However, agribusiness is not immune from competition, escalating prices, and the requirement of cost structuring. To overcome these issues and move forward, you need a firm with a spread of skills across the agribusiness. VLM can meet that need with its experienced team.


Relying on our long-standing expertise in legal aspects of agribusiness, we can support ventures spanning from small to large-scale farming businesses. We have worked for Azerbaijan's prominent agribusiness brands, supporting them in establishing joint ventures, mitigating land law-related  risks, and navigating further legal challenges.


You can rely on us on:

1. Full legal outsourcing;

2. Assistance in obtaining licenses;

3. Legal support in purchasing or leasing lands;

4. Assistance in obtaining tax and customs exemptions;

5. Assistance in food safety registration and full compliance with food safety regulations;

6. Business reorganizations;

7. Commercial law services, legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

8. Corporate and IP matters;

9. Negotiation, preparation, and review of all types of sale, service, supply, license, franchising,

lease, and any other agreements;

10. Litigation and Dispute resolution;

11. Tax, Labor, and Migration matters;

12. Consumer protection matters etc.

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