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Keeping accounts

To stay away from any unexpected dispute or threat, it is a wise decision to get professional support before entering into an agreement with any partner. VLM stands ready to provide you with such support.


We draft tailored agreements and guide our clients through all contractual procedures to meet their needs and expectations. It, among others, includes assistance during the negotiation process and full legal support in case of disputes arising out of the agreements.

Our experts diligently analyse your circumstances and unique needs and include relevant precise provisions to avoid any possible legal risks in future. We make it sure that you have full understanding of your contractual obligations to perform them and secure your business relations.


With our proven background in various business sectors, we know how each specific business model works and how businesses can mitigate contractual risks and avoid default.

Our team will assist you in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing:


  • Letters of Intent and Memorandums of Understanding;

  • Partnership and Cooperation Agreements;

  • Shareholder Agreements and Share Purchase Agreements;

  • Distributorship and Franchising Agreements;

  • Loan and Security agreements;

  • Various types of Oil & Gas services Agreements;

  • IP License Contracts, including Software License Agreement;

  • User Agreements and Terms & Conditions;

  • Management Contracts;

  • Construction and Maintenance Services Agreements;

  • Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreements;

  • Brokerage and Agency Agreements;

  • Sale-purchase and Lease Agreements;

  • Services and Employment Agreements, and many others.


We represent and secure the interests of our clients before counterparties in connection with defaults under the obligations assumed under the contracts.

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