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Tax, Corporate and Regulatory Review

Our review and investigations cover all aspects of corporate, tax, currency, banking, financial, and other relevant laws and internal procedures, from commercial and mandatory compliance requirements to protecting the interests of corporations and shareholders. We have delivered substantive assignments supporting corporate clients and institutions on sensitive reputational matters. We advise clients across complex matters and have acted on some of the most extensive investigations in Azerbaijan, including those containing international elements. VLM focuses on investigating and researching irregularities, including disciplinary and criminal offenses such as bribery, corruption, money laundering, fraud, embezzlement, and many others.


We check your tax returns, reports, and  other taxation documents, determining compliance with tax laws, detecting potential sanction risks, and advising for mitigating such risks. Our tax review does not only focus on underpaid taxes but also detects overpaid tax amounts, ensuring your financial stability.


We combine a strategic and tactical approach with undisputable subject matter expertise - our team can effectively investigate how your personnel complies with the requirements while they do daily transactions, from making bank transactions, paying third party invoices and taxes, signing the documents up to reporting personal expenses.

VLM starts with the analysis of your business and its current condition, then it commence the review and risk detection process. However, our review does not only lists risks and their roots, but only comes up with comprehensive recommendations to apply for mitigating such risks.


Whether financial, anti-monopoly or another regulator, we provide our clients with a complete service that covers all aspects of a regulatory investigation and requirement.

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