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Mergers and Acquisitions


Expansion of businesses often leads to a need to be merged with or acquire another entity. However, M&A may be a quite challenging journey as two or more parties' stakes and interests collide. Furthermore, strict regulations and intricate legal matters may make it more problematic. Trusting our professionals, you can rest assured that your M&A transaction will be accomplished with the best terms.


With significant involvement in several international and local projects, we are well-positioned to provide business-oriented legal advice on complex domestic, cross-border, and multijurisdictional transactions. We have a broad range of experience representing buyers, sellers, financial advisers, and shareholders.


VLM's services include:

(i) legal and tax due diligence of the targeted entities;

(ii) legal support in negotiations;

(iii) advising on antitrust and other regulatory matters;

(iv) obtaining regulatory approvals and ensuring regulatory compliance;

(v) negotiating, drafting, and reviewing transactional documents, including share purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, call/put option agreements, joint venture agreements and others;

 (vi) assistance with post-closure matters; 

(vii) legal support during default resolution.

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