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Consumer Markets

Rows Of Green Shopping Carts

VLM acts for many of the world's most prestigious brands, luxury goods, automobile manufacturers, food and beverage producers, consumer goods manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers and advises them on all aspects of consumer, retail, automobile, leisure, and other sectors.


Our lawyers propose effective legal solutions to clients with the help of their deep experience ranging across all legal fields, including antitrust and unfair competition, tax, corporate, and so on.


We provide clients with professional services, including:

(i) ensuring clients' compliance with food safety regulations;

(ii) guiding clients in adhering to consumer protection regulations;

(iii) representing the clients during inspections and investigations of consumer protection and anti-monopoly authorities;

(iv) advising on unfair competition, anti-competitive agreements, and abuse of dominant position;

(v) representation in competition-related dispute resolutions;

(vi) analyzing contracts, labels, prescriptions at the products, policies and other documents for compliance with the competition law;

(vii) inspections of businesses for compliance with competition law, development of internal documents and implementation of internal compliance procedures;

(viii) natural monopolies and tariff regulation;

(ix) state procurement;

(x) competition aspects related to product distribution and manufacturing, etc.

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