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Consumer Goods and Retail

VLM has supported remarkable multinational and domestic FMCG companies in the legal and tax compliance of their ventures. A wide range of food and beverage companies, luxury fashion brands, restaurants, and confectionary brands trust us as legal and tax experts.


VLM’s lawyers have advised many players in the consumer goods, luxury and fashion, food and retail sectors. We advise them on contracts, food safety, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance matters, and represent them before administrative bodies and courts.


We are ready to provide FMCG businesses with the full legal services, including:

1. Full legal outsourcing;

2. Assistance in obtaining licenses;

3. Assistance in obtaining tax and customs exemptions;

4. Business reorganizations;

5. Commercial law services, legal and tax due diligence of the target and vendors;

6. Corporate and IP matters;

7. Litigation and Dispute resolution;

8. Negotiation, preparation, and review of all types of sale, service, supply, lisence, franchising, lease, and any other agreements;

9. Tax, Labor, and Migration matters;

10. Food safety matters;

11. Consumer protection matters etc.

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