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Maritime Law

Cargo Ship at Sea

Experienced professionals of VLM regularly support their clients engaged in marine trade business. We have provided legal support to a broad array of international shipping companies to establish their business and maintain their operations in Azerbaijan. Our knowledge and expertise are not limited to Azerbaijani maritime law but extend to international standards and common business practices in international waters.


We provide:

  • Legal assistance in the registration of vessels in Azerbaijan;

  • Support in affairs with the maritime authorities of Azerbaijan and fulfilment of their requirements;

  • Preparation of ship documents and other essential paperwork related to the marine trade;

  • Guidance in establishing bareboat charter, freight charter, and time charter structures to optimize your maritime ventures;

  • Drafting and thorough review of charter agreements, marine agency and brokerage contracts, marine insurance agreements, and other contracts crucial to maritime trade;

  • Legal support in navigating the complex insurance processes related to maritime business, ensuring comprehensive coverage;

  • Insightful legal advice on the implications of maritime trade legislation.

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