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Sevda Rahimli | Senior Tax Associate | VLM and Partners

Sevda Rahimli

Senior Tax Associate

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Sevda is an experienced tax professional at VLM's tax team. Her expertise includes tax compliance, accounting and bookkeeping services, risk payments research, payroll, supplied payment reconciliations, reporting, managing, and controlling all accounting and finance processes for businesses, and support during statutory tax audits. She has solid expertise in the customs area, including preparing customs declarations and advising on customs matters.

Sevda started her tax and accounting career at the international consulting firm Deloitte Azerbaijan, where she successfully provided tax compliance and accounting services to her clients. She gained further work experience at the biggest Azerbaijani distribution companies, such as Engin LTD and Ceylan, where she dealt with tax, accounting and finance matters.

At VLM, Sevda supports international and domestic companies, representing a wide range of industries, spanning from construction to manufacturing, in various tax, financial, accounting and customs matters.

Core Practice Areas
  • Tax Compliance;

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping;

  • Tax Reporting;

  • Tax Review;

  • Payroll;

  • Customs;

  • Tax Consulting and Tax Optimization

  • English;

  • Turkish;

  • Russian;

  • Azerbaijani


  • Qafqaz University - Master in Financial Management;

  • UNEC (Azerbaijan State Economic University) - Bachelor in Finance

Key Accomplishments
  • Provided full support in tax compliance and payroll fields to a foreign construction company for its high-budget bridge construction projects;

  • Successfully detected serious financial and tax risks in the accounts of a foreign security and technology company, enabling them to take necessary action in time;

  • Assisted a foreign scaffolding company in addressing its tax and accounting challenges;

  • Provided a well-known domestic company from agribusiness sector with tax consulting and accounting services, ensuring its full tax compliance and impeccable accounting practice;

  • Supported an IT company in its complex tax and accounting matters.

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