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Rashad Mahammadzada | Senior Associate | VLM and Partners

Rashad Mahammadzada

Senior Associate

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Rashad has been a member of VLM’s legal team since 2022. Before joining our firm, he honed his legal skills at a giant heavy-industry company in Azerbaijan. Notably, Rashad held leadership roles in several international NGOs within Azerbaijan before embarking on his journey with VLM.

Armed with his knowledge and experience in several practice areas such as intellectual property, corporate law, contract law, financial markets, and others, Rashad consistently supports our international and local clients in establishing their businesses, ensuring their impeccable compliance with Azerbaijani regulations, navigating intricate cross-border transactions, mitigating their contractual risks, and overcoming various legal challenges. He has advised banks, investment holdings, oil and gas industry players as well as energy, FMCG, medical, fintech, and construction companies to tackle legal intricacies and maintain their operations in a secure way.

Beyond drafting unique contracts and providing nuanced legal insights, Rashad’s legal support extends to obtaining work and residence permits in Azerbaijan and dealing with further migration issues. Moreover, he capably represents clients before governmental bodies and organizations regarding administrative matters.

Core Practice Areas
  • Contracts;

  • Intellectual Property;

  • Corporate Law;

  • Financial Law;

  • Regulatory Compliance;

  • Migration Law

  • English;

  • Turkish;

  • Azerbaijani


  • Baku State University - Bachelor of Laws

Key Accomplishments
  • Supported a fintech company to set up its legal framework, including drafting agreement templates namely software license agreements, user contracts, and so on;

  • Provided legal guidance to a bank concerning corporate matters and compliance with prudential standards;

  • Provided a foreign oil and gas company with legal advice to engage in marine transportation business in Azerbaijan;

  • Steered a foreign energy corporation through the license prerequisites and further regulatory compliance matters for being involved in a renewable energy project in Azerbaijan;

  • Delivered expert legal guidance to a foreign investor guaranteeing legal compliance of its investment in an Azerbaijani real estate project;

  • Advised a prominent Azerbaijani construction company on the validity of real estate purchase agreements;

  • Advised a giant foreign technology company regarding its engagement in a high-stake joint venture in Azerbaijan, ensuring the establishment of an efficient management structure and transparent reporting mechanism;

  • Navigated the acquisition process of a prominent domestic construction company, addressing intricate legal and financial issues and acting in the best interests of both parties;

  • Supported a local branch of a well-known international construction company in obtaining work permits for its expats, complying with Azerbaijani migration regulations, and corresponding with government bodies concerning various administrative matters.

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