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Lala Alizada | Tax Associate | VLM and Partners

Lala Alizada

Tax Associate

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Lala is one of our tax and accounting experts with her broad knowledge and experience. Prior to joining our firm, she had held a position at a giant telecommunication corporation. Seeking to further her career in accounting, Lala then transitioned to a role as a tax accountant at a business consulting firm. In this capacity, she successfully handled client and vendor communications, processed transactions, issued invoices, and maintained accurate ledgers, budgets, and financial records for multiple companies.


Thanks to her extensive knowledge and two years of experience, Lala plays a pivotal role in managing all accounting transactions at our firm. She excels in computing taxes and preparing tax returns, accurately calculating employee salaries, ensuring prompt and efficient bank payments, and overseeing the balance sheet and other financial statements.

Furthermore, Lala holds FA (Financial Accounting) certificate issued by ACCA.

Core Practice Areas
  • Tax Reporting;

  • Accounting;

  • Tax Advisory;

  • Affairs with corporate clients;

  • Payroll calculation

  • English;

  • Russian;

  • Turkish;

  • Azerbaijani


  • University of Málaga - Master in E-commerce;

  • Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) - Master in E-commerce;

  • Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC) - Bachelor of Finance

Key Accomplishments
  • Advised several foreign companies on complex tax and accounting matters;

  • Supported a client in preparing annual tax reports, ensuring their full tax compliance.

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