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Ismayil Aliyev | Senior Associate | VLM and Partners

Ismayil Aliyev

Senior Associate

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Ismayil has cultivated his professional expertise through valuable experiences with esteemed corporations in London, UK. His journey includes significant contributions to F&T Services Limited and Imran Khan and Partners law firms. Moreover, he has proudly served as a key member of the UN Agency for International Migration, where he garnered exceptional proficiency in the intricate domain of migration law.

Ismayil is actively engaged in providing consultancy services to prominent entities within diverse sectors, including construction, food and beverage, transportation, pharmaceuticals, aviation, retail, hospitality, and investment companies. His expertise encompasses a wide range of legal matters, including finance, corporate law, contract law, investments, employment law, intellectual property, consumer protection, trade regulations, shipping, and more. 

In addition to his proficiency in commercial, corporate, and contract law, Ismayil has amassed extensive expertise in formulating legal cases for court proceedings. He has adeptly represented clients in pre-court negotiations across a wide spectrum of legal disciplines, encompassing all the aforementioned areas of law.

Core Practice Areas
  • Criminal Law;

  • Procedural Law;

  • Trade and Shipping Law;

  • Contracts;

  • Intellectual Property;

  • Business Law;

  • Financial Law;

  • Migration Law;

  • Civil Law;

  • Family Law;

  • Employment Law

  • English;

  • Russian;

  • Turkish;

  • Azerbaijani


  • King’s College London - Master of Laws;

  • City University London - Bachelor of Laws;

  • London School Economics and Political Science (LSE) - Bachelor of Science in Management with Law;

  • Baku State University - Bachelor of Laws

Key Accomplishments
  • Conducted a corporate investigation and took an active part in revealing legal misconduct committed by the legal representative of a global multinational company's branch office in Azerbaijan;

  • Offered legal guidance in the processes of issuing new shares and augmenting the charter capital of multimillion-dollar companies, including investment and shipping companies;

  • Advised a foreign investor on the acquisition of the qualifying holding of a local investment company;

  • Advised the owner of well-known brands on obtaining new trademarks and updating existing ones, and offered legal assistance in intricate intellectual property cases, including the defence of interests in appellate proceedings;

  • Navigated dispute resolution process between an employee and a client employer in an employment dispute with a claim involving substantial financial stakes and sucessfully initiated the development of a settlement agreement between the parties;

  • Offered international legal structuring for a foreign oil company, addressing highly complex legal obstacles;

  • Participated in the legal due diligence of local offices belonging to globally recognized brands operating in sectors such as food and beverages, restaurants, and similar industries;

  • Provided clients with legal advice on their construction projects overseen by the Azerbaijani government;

  • Drafted insightful legal opinions for clients across various domains, including construction, insurance, banking, and more;

  • Aided a foreign company in legal proceedings against a bank in a highly complex court case related to a substantial cross-border loan issue.

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