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Ilhama Guliyeva | Senior Tax Associate | VLM and Partners

Ilhama Guliyeva

Senior Tax Associate

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Ilhama acts as a senior expert at VLM relying on her long-standing experience in the finance and tax realms. Her early career included accountant roles at various international NGOs and a giant geophysical company in Azerbaijan. Acting as a finance leader at PwC Azerbaijan for 13 years, Ilhama enriched her financial expertise.

She has second-to-none knowledge and know-how in budget planning, financial reporting, payroll calculation, supervision of daily financial operations, financial compliance, and automatization of reports. Ilhama's expertise also extends to preparing tax reports, declarations, and turnovers, conducting tax reviews, and advising on complex tax matters.

At VLM, she provides our clients with tax, financial, and accounting services, ensuring their tax compliance and financial stability.

Core Practice Areas
  • Budgeting;

  • Financial and Tax Reporting;

  • Payroll;

  • Accounting;

  • Tax Audit;

  • Tax Consulting and Tax Optimization

  • English;

  • Russian;

  • Azerbaijani


  • Baku State University - Master in Optimization and Optimal Administration;

  • Baku State University - Bachelor of Applied Math and Economical Cybernetics

Key Accomplishments
  • Advised a foreign technology company on intricate payroll issues of its local office, giving comprehensive insights;

  • Provided full support to a company in setting up and maintaining accounting and bookkeeping system;

  • Assisted a corporation in ensuring tax compliance.

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