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Farrukh Rahimli | Tax Associate | VLM and Partners

Farrukh Rahimli

Tax Associate

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Farrukh is a member of VLM's tax team, contributing his invaluable expertise in tax and management. Prior to joining our ranks, Farrukh's career journey had encompassed pivotal roles within Azerbaijan's tourism sector and hotel industry, where he specialized in the intricacies of business management and conducted cost-benefit analyses. Additionally, he further enriched his skill set with business management experience gained in the State of Qatar.

At VLM, Farrukh plays a significant role in supporting our clients by overseeing a spectrum of financial operations. This includes managing accounting processes, facilitating bank transactions, tax calculations, meticulous preparation of tax statements and reports, diligent payroll tracking, issuance of electronic invoices, and skillfully conducting settlements with creditors and debtors.

Core Practice Areas
  • Tax Reporting;

  • Accounting;

  • Affairs with corporate clients

  • Azerbaijani;

  • English;

  • Turkish


  • Azerbaijan Cooperation University - Bachelor of Marketing and Management

Key Accomplishments
  • Supported a local insurance broker to set up accounting;

  • Advised a foreign oil and gas company on tax and accounting matters.

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